Martin Börner

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This paper describes an ongoing project to develop a computer-integrated system to assist surgeons in revision total hip replacement (RTHR) surgery. In RTHR surgery, a failing orthopedic hip implant, typically cemented, is replaced with a new one by removing the old implant, removing the cement and fitting a new implant into an enlarged canal broached in(More)
The kinematics of the knee joint is considered with the special regard to the cruciate ligaments. An optimum place for the fixation of ligament substitute is calculated. Anatomic preparations of cadaver knee joints proved this predictions to be correct. Placing the ligament substitute at this place the ligaments behave isometrically.
A gap with variable geometry is presented for both cantilever beam and fixed-fixed beam actuators as a method to reduce the pull-in voltage while maintaining a required displacement. The method is applicable to beams oriented either in a plane parallel to or perpendicular to a substrate, but is most suitable for vertically oriented (lateral) beams(More)
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