Martin Böcker

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We conducted two experiments to investigate how stereoscopy and technologies that allow individual eye contact affect the impression of telepresence in video-conferencing. Telepresence is defined as the degree to which participants of a telemeeting get the impression of sharing space with the remote site. Results revealed, among other things, that(More)
In spite of the general appreciation of the need for usability evaluation, systematic evaluation studies of new products are the exception. This paper describes the evaluation conducted at Siemens of the prototype for a novel interface of a cellular telephone. The interface design itself is presented followed by a description of the test method, the 80(More)
ETSI, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, has published a standard (ES 202 130) in 2003 that specifies the character repertoires and assignment of characters to the 12-key telephone keypad for a range of European languages. The standard for letters, digits and special characters (such as the Euro symbol and punctuation marks) covered the(More)
The starting point of the project is the observation that new information and communication technologies (ICT) are often introduced without taking into account the requirements of elderly and/or disabled users, resulting in products and services that are hardly usable by those users. A method for identifying enablers for future e-Services is described. In(More)