Martin Atchison

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Behavioural Family Therapy (BFT) is a skills based intervention that aims to support families where a member is experiencing a mental health problem. The Meriden Family Programme has extensive experience in supporting families who have complex needs. The programme delivers training in the approach and works with families with the aim of providing(More)
Polyps resected during colonoscopy should be recovered and sent for pathologic examination. Unfortunately retrieval is incomplete ranging from 85-100% in reported series. There are several specific techniques aimed to increase the retrieval rate which in our experience amounted to 94.5% of a series of 182 polypectomies in 100 consecutive patients. All lost(More)
This paper examines the evolution of organisational structures supporting the IT disciplines at a sample group of Australian universities. The paper draws on sociological theory to suggest that there is strong two-way inter-connection between organizational structure and disciplinary structure within universities. It argues that the debate and discussion(More)
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