Martin Apistola

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The emergence of digital dossiers in Courts of Law presents new opportunities to streamline the criminal prosecution chain. This papers proposes the use of agent technology to support automatic verification of consistency and completeness of data in such dossiers. It sketches how agent systems in combination with other AI technology, can be used to enforce(More)
The use of digital dossiers in Courts of Law, although currently in the phase of study, will be common practice in the future. This paper introduces the notion of distributed digital dossiers supported by a multi-agent system architecture , developed in interaction with the Courts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Management of such dossiers is core to the(More)
Based on existing literature and empirical research, partly carried out by us in 2004 and 2005, we propose in this paper a preliminary framework that is meant to be used for knowledge management of in particular individual lawyers within a law firm. The underlying idea is to combine in our framework general taxonomies of the three core elements of knowledge(More)
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