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Dutch-belted rabbits fed a 2% cholesterol diet for 8 weeks developed atherosclerotic lesions that covered 37.2% +/- 3.5% of the aortic luminal surface. In samples of aortic arch, accumulation of cholesterol and triglyceride was also observed. Oral administration of nicardipine or nifedipine at dosages of 40 mg/kg twice daily for 8 weeks reduced plaque area(More)
Prostaglandin D2 spontaneously decomposes at physiological pH and temperature to 9-deoxy-delta 9-PGD2 (designated PGJ2). We developed a TLC procedure for the isolation of PGJ2 which was identified by both proton-NMR and mass spectrometry. Freshly prepared PGJ2 was active in inhibiting aggregation induced by ADP in citrated human platelet rich plasma. As(More)
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