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  • Dom Bellini, Delphine L. Caly, Yvonne McCarthy, Mario Bumann, Shi‐Qi An, J. Maxwell Dow +2 others
  • 2014
Bis-(3',5') cyclic di-guanylate (c-di-GMP) is a key bacterial second messenger that is implicated in the regulation of many crucial processes that include biofilm formation, motility and virulence. Cellular levels of c-di-GMP are controlled through synthesis by GGDEF domain diguanylate cyclases and degradation by two classes of phosphodiesterase with EAL or(More)
The design and features of a beamline control software system for macromolecular crystallography (MX) experiments developed at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) are described. This system, MxCuBE, allows users to easily and simply interact with beamline hardware components and provides automated routines for common tasks in the operation of(More)
Probiotic bacterial strains have been shown to enhance the health of the host through a range of mechanisms including colonization, resistance against pathogens, secretion of antimicrobial compounds and modulation of the activity of the innate immune system. Lactobacillus salivarius UCC118 is a well characterized probiotic strain which survives intestinal(More)
Human Carboxylesterase 1 (hCES1) is the key liver microsomal enzyme responsible for detoxification and metabolism of a variety of clinical drugs. To analyse the role of the single N-linked glycan on the structure and activity of the enzyme, authentically glycosylated and aglycosylated hCES1, generated by mutating asparagine 79 to glutamine, were produced in(More)
MOTIVATION Individual research groups now analyze thousands of samples per year at synchrotron macromolecular crystallography (MX) resources. The efficient management of experimental data is thus essential if the best possible experiments are to be performed and the best possible data used in downstream processes in structure determination pipelines.(More)
Ranasmurfin, a previously uncharacterized approximately 13 kDa blue protein found in the nests of the frog Polypedates leucomystax, has been purified and crystallized. The crystals are an intense blue colour and diffract to 1.51 A with P2(1) symmetry and unit-cell parameters a = 40.9, b = 59.9, c = 45.0 A, beta = 93.3 degrees . Self-rotation function(More)
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