Martin A. Rist

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The residual stresses present in a quenched IN718 aeroengine compressor disc forging have been characterized using neutron diffraction and the results compared to those obtained from a finite element (FE) model for the quenching process. The ~40 kg forging had a diameter of ~400 mm and a maximum thickness of ~45mm. Neutron path lengths of up to 60 mm were(More)
The fluorescent probe, 2-aminopurine-2'-O-methyl riboside (2-AP) has been selectively incorporated at adenosine positions in stem-loops (so called R1inv and R2inv), derived from the ColE1 plasmid encoded RNA I and RNA II transcripts, that interact to form stable loop-loop kissing complexes and bind the RNA one modulator (Rom) protein, such that(More)
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