Martin A. Leroch

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Traditionally, the virtue of democratic elections has been seen in their role as means of screening and sanctioning shirking public officials. This paper proposes a novel rationale for elections and political campaigns considering that candidates incur psychological costs of lying, in particular from breaking campaign promises. These non-pecuniary costs(More)
Enteroviruses are single-stranded RNA viruses of the picornavirus family. In the neonatal period, enterovirus can cause severe meningo-encephalitis, sepsis syndrome, hepatitis, or myocarditis. Neonatal enterovirus myocarditis remains a rare but severe cause of neonatal cardiac failure whose prognosis remains poor. Herein, we report the case of neonatal(More)
Many European governments subsidize their newspapers with the intention to guaranteeing high journalistic quality. Since journalistic quality is not defined by consumer preferences, increasing will not necessarily lead to benefits for all consumers. Based on this idea, the demand for a regional newspaper monopolist is modeled and the profit maximizing level(More)
Previous work has found that in social dilemmas, the selfish always free-ride, while others will cooperate if they expect their peers to do so as well. Outcomes may thus depend on conditional cooperators’ beliefs about the number of selfish types. An early round of the game may be played anonymously, so that contributions cannot be traced back to particular(More)
People exhibit group reciprocity when they retaliate, not against the person who harmed them, but against somebody else in that person's group. Group reciprocity may be a key motivation behind intergroup conflict. We investigated group reciprocity in a laboratory experiment. After a group identity manipulation, subjects played a Prisoner's Dilemma with(More)
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