Martin A Benjamin

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BACKGROUND Increasingly, early phase clinical trials involve pharmacodynamic (PD) and pharmacokinetic (PK) assays as well as frequent imaging studies. The authors conducted a prospective study examining patients' willingness to undergo such tests and the number of tests the patients would tolerate. METHODS A prospective, correlative study was conducted(More)
UNLABELLED Concomitant medication (CM) use may result in Phase I cancer clinical trial ineligibility due to concern for potential CM-investigational drug interactions or alteration of investigational drug absorption. Few studies have examined the impact of CM use on trial eligibility. METHODS We reviewed records of 274 patients on Phase I trials at a(More)
6587 Background: Increasing numbers of clinical trials include optional or mandatory pharmaco-dynamic and -kinetic assays. Since little is known about patients' (pts) perceived willingness to undergo specific tests and the number of tests pts would tolerate on a single trial, this study was conducted. Secondary purposes included correlating test number and(More)
A retrospective analysis of 130 patients was conducted in a Phase I oncology clinic to assess the effect of QTc formula selection on clinical trial eligibility. QTc values were calculated from screening electrocardiograms using 7 formulae (Bazett, Fridericia, Framingham, Hodges, Mayeda, Van de Water and Wohlfart). QTc values > 470 ms for females and > 450(More)
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