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Detection of resistance levels against deltamethrin in Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus collected from six districts of Jammu and Kashmir (India) was carried out using the adult immersion test. The regression graphs of probit mortality of ticks plotted against log values of concentration of drug were utilised for the determination of slope of mortality,(More)
Managing intellectual property plays a crucial role in a collaborative innovation environment by providing legal protection, especially when supporting factual protection strategies that enable profits from temporary monopolies. However, legal protection strategies are a novelty in emerging business fields, such as the knowledge-intensive industry sector,(More)
Effectively managing and optimizing the value of the patent portfolio is a major challenge for many firms, especially those in knowledge intensive industries, such as the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and chemical industry. However, insights on effective patent portfolio strategies are rare. Therefore, in this article we investigate in detail how firms(More)
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