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The acclimation depression of capacity of photon utilisation in photochemical reactions of photosystem 2 (PS2) can develop already after three months of cultivation of the Norway spruces (Picea abies(More)
The present study was conducted to examine changes in photosynthetic pigment composition and functional state of the thylakoid membranes during the individual steps of preparation of samples that are(More)
The adaptation of barley (Hordeum vulgare L. cv. Akcent) plants to low (LI, 50 µmol m−2 s−1) and high (HI, 1000 µmol m−2 s−1) growth irradiances was studied using the simultaneous measurements of the(More)
Using 77 K chlorophyll a (Chl a) fluorescence spectra in vivo, the development was studied of Photosystems II (PS II) and I (PS I) during greening of barley under intermittent light followed by(More)
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