Martijn van der Merwe

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Inter-annual variability in primary production and ecosystem respiration was explored using eddy-covariance data at a semi-arid savanna site in the Kruger Park, South Africa. New methods of extrapolating night-time respiration to the entire day and filling gaps in eddy-covariance data in semi-arid systems were developed. Net ecosystem 5 exchange (NEE) in(More)
Incident Management Teams (IMTs) are responsible for managing the response to wildfires. One of the IMT's objectives is the protection of assets and infrastructure. In this paper we develop a mathematical model to assist IMTs in assigning resources to asset protection activities during escaped wildfires. We present a mixed integer programming model for(More)
The availability and accessibility of an increasing amount of Earth Observation (EO) data enable the investigation of links between health effects and environmental conditions. A main challenge is the identification of suitable EO data according to the requirements for environmental information defined by health experts. The EO2HEAVEN project focuses on the(More)
Juniperus communis is a dioecious, wind pollinated shrub or small tree that produces 'berries' (female cones) containing a small number of seeds that are thought to be dispersed by birds. The expectation, therefore, would be that populations of Juniper are genetically diverse with little structuring between them. In Britain, the species has two main centres(More)
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