Martijn de Vries

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The last decade has revealed an unexpected fungal diversity associated with natural rocks, often collected in environments influenced by harsh climatic conditions. Yet the phylogenetic affiliations and the taxonomy of many of these extreme fungi, mainly within Dothideomycetes, the largest class of Ascomycota, have only partially been described. In the(More)
Let β > 1 be a non-integer. We consider expansions of the form ∑∞ i=1 di βi , where the digits (di)i≥1 are generated by means of a Borel map Kβ defined on {0, 1} N × [0, bβc/(β − 1)]. We show existence and uniqueness of an absolutely continuous Kβ-invariant probability measure w.r.t. mp ⊗ λ, where mp is the Bernoulli measure on {0, 1} N with parameter p (0(More)
Ants in the tribe Attini (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) maintain a 50 million-year-old lifestyle of co-evolution with symbiotic basidiomycetous fungi which they cultivate as essential source of nutrition. However, other microorganisms have been reported from ant habitats indicating a higher diversity of consistently associated species than established to date.(More)
Abstract. For a given positive integer m, let A = {0, 1, . . . , m} and q ∈ (m,m+ 1). A sequence (ci) = c1c2 . . . consisting of elements in A is called an expansion of x if ∑ ∞ i=1 ciq −i = x. It is known that almost every x belonging to the interval [0,m/(q − 1)] has uncountably many expansions. In this paper we study the existence of expansions (di) of x(More)
Let q > 1 be a real number and let m = m(q) be the largest integer smaller than q. It is well known that each number x ∈ Jq := [0, P ∞ i=1 mq ] can be written as x = P ∞ i=1 ciq −i with integer coefficients 0 ≤ ci < q. If q is a non-integer, then almost every x ∈ Jq has continuum many expansions of this form. In this note we consider some properties of the(More)
The objective of this study was to determine if specific species of microorganisms are associated with severe infection and amputation in patients with a diabetic foot infection and to evaluate the effectiveness of clindamycin and ciprofloxacin in this population. A retrospective cohort study was performed at the University Medical Center Utrecht, The(More)
We present here an application of a newly-designed enzymatic microreactor (EMR) for continuous glucose monitoring in rats. The EMR was based on electrochemical detection and was coupled with a microdialysis probe which was inserted into the subcutaneous tissue of anesthetized rats. The performance of the EMR was evaluated by modulating blood glucose(More)
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