Martijn Wessels

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In (re)learning of movements, haptic guidance can be used to direct the needed adaptations in motor control. Haptic guidance influences the main driving factors of motor adaptation, execution error, and control effort in different ways. Human-control effort is dissipated in the interactions that occur during haptic guidance. Minimizing the control effort(More)
INTRODUCTION We developed an innovative non-fusion correction system (XS LATOR) consisting of two individual implants that are extendable and extremely flexible. One implant, the XS LAT, generates a lateral, bending moment and one implant, the XS TOR, generates a torsion moment. Two 'inverse' implants were developed for generating torsion and lateral(More)
In this paper, we present our design of an active hand and wrist orthosis, SCRIPT Active Orthosis Iteration 3 (SAO-i3), for rehabilitation after stroke at home. Impairments in the hand decrease the quality of life of stroke patients drastically by limiting activities of daily living such as eating, drinking, buttoning, etc. Since there is a high correlation(More)
In vivo evaluation of scoliosis treatment using a novel approach in which two posterior implants are implanted: XSLAT (eXtendable implant correcting Scoliosis in LAT bending) and XSTOR (eXtendable implant correcting Scoliosis in TORsion). The highly flexible and extendable implants use only small, but continuous lateral forces (XSLAT) and torques (XSTOR),(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT Insertion of a pedicle screw in the mid- and high thoracic regions has a serious risk of facet joint damage. Because flexible implant systems require intact facet joints, we developed an enhanced fixation that is less destructive to spinal structures. The XSFIX is a posterior fixation system that uses cables that are attached to the(More)
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive method to modify behaviour of neurons in the brain. TMS is applied by running large currents through a coil close to the scalp. For consistent results it is required to maintain the coil position within millimetres of the targeted location, but natural head sway and practitioner fatigue may hinder(More)
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