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In cooperative breeders, the tension between the opposing forces of kin selection and kin competition is at its most severe. Although philopatry facilitates kin selection, it also increases the risk of inbreeding. When dispersal is limited, extra-pair paternity might be an important mechanism to avoid inbreeding, but evidence for this is equivocal. The(More)
The fluence dependence of hydrogenic retention in tungsten and molybdenum was measured under ITER divertor relevant plasma conditions. Plasma exposures were performed in the linear plasma generator Pilot-PSI (~10 24 D/m 2 ·s, T e ~ 2 eV, 1 cm full-width-half-maximum beam, 4-160 s exposure duration). The exposed targets were analyzed post mortem with nuclear(More)
here right-hand corner of the article or click Receive free email alerts when new articles cite this article-sign up in the box at the top The relative importance of environmental colour for extinction risk compared with other aspects of environmental noise (mean and interannual variability) is poorly understood. Such knowledge is currently relevant, as(More)
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