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1. Pretreatment of frozen cryostat sections with formaldehyde or calcium ions inhibits diffusion of the plasma membrane enzymes 5′-nucleotidase, ATP-ase and alkaline phosphatase during incubation. 2. Treatment of fixed sections with different kinds of buffer at 37°C induces diffusion of enzyme activity from the plasma membrane to other sites of the section(More)
A woman with myelofibrosis and myeloid metaplasia had a karyotype of 47,X,del(X)(q22),+del(X)(q22) in unstimulated peripheral blood and bone marrow aspirate cultures. The normal X chromosome was late replicating, and the two deleted X chromosomes always replicated early and synchronously. The karyotype from phytohemagglutin-stimulated peripheral blood(More)
1 Richard Hawkins, Silvain de Munck and Cecile Wetzels (all TNO-STB) are acknowledged for their valuable contribution to this report. Summary This report is about change in music industry. The Internet is leading to a redefinition of business models and a reconfiguration of relationships within as well as between sectors. The prospect of e-commerce and(More)
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