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BACKGROUND Pain is a common and major problem among nursing home residents. The prevalence of pain in elderly nursing home people is 40-80%, showing that they are at great risk of experiencing pain. Since assessment of pain is an important step towards the treatment of pain, there is a need for manageable, valid and reliable tools to assess pain in elderly(More)
BACKGROUND Studies on pain and pain prevalence in older people with dementia are limited compared to those on cognitively intact older people. Pain prevalence rates in older people with dementia are estimated to be between 28% and 83%. AIMS This study aimed to explore pain prevalence in nursing home residents with dementia using observational scale(More)
Subject-specific hemodynamic response functions (HRFs) have been recommended to capture variation in the form of the hemodynamic response between subjects (Aguirre et al., [ 1998]: Neuroimage 8:360-369). The purpose of this article is to find optimal designs for estimation of subject-specific parameters for the double gamma HRF. As the double gamma function(More)
In this paper we apply the genetic algorithm developed by Kao et al. (2009) to find designs which are robust against misspecification of the error autocorrelation. Two common optimality criteria, the A-optimality criterion and the D-optimality criterion, based upon a general linear model are employed to obtain locally optimal designs for a given value of(More)
PURPOSE Small bowel irradiation results in epithelial cell loss and consequently impairs function and metabolism. We investigated whether citrulline, a metabolic end product of small bowel enterocytes, can be used for quantifying radiation-induced epithelial cell loss. METHODS AND MATERIALS NMRI mice were subjected to single-dose whole body irradiation(More)
BACKGROUND Physical restraints are still frequently used in nursing home residents despite growing evidence for the ineffectiveness and negative consequences of these methods. Therefore, reduction in the use of physical restraints in psycho-geriatric nursing home residents is very important. The aim of this study was to investigate the short-term effects of(More)
In view of the need for valid, reliable, and clinically useful scales to assess pain in elderly people with dementia, this study evaluated the psychometric properties of translated versions of the PAINAD, PACSLAC, and DOLOPLUS-2 scales. In an observational study design, two raters simultaneously assessed the nursing home residents (n=128) for pain during(More)
PURPOSE Plasma citrulline, a nitrogen end product of glutamine metabolism in small-bowel enterocytes, was suggested as a marker of radiation-induced small-bowel epithelial cell loss in mice after single-dose whole-body irradiation. Our objective was to evaluate the feasibility of citrulline as a marker for radiation-induced small-intestinal mucosal atrophy(More)
UNLABELLED Pain is often undetected in older people with dementia partly due to a deterioration of cognitive functioning. Observational scales enable the measurement of pain by registering physiological changes, facial expressions, or behaviors. Previous research showed that the Pain Assessment Checklist for Seniors with Limited Ability to Communicate(More)
BACKGROUND Aging is known to be associated with a high prevalence (up to 80%) of persistent pain among residents of nursing homes. However, even with high pain prevalence rates, nursing home residents are at risk for undertreatment. Knowledge deficits and beliefs among nurses influence staff behaviour in pain assessment and management. OBJECTIVES To(More)