Martijn Oostdijk

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Attack trees have found their way to practice because they have proved to be an intuitive aid in threat analysis. Despite, or perhaps thanks to, their apparent simplicity, they have not yet been provided with an unambiguous semantics. We argue that such a formal interpretation is indispensable to precisely understand how attack trees can be manipulated(More)
The first generation of European e-passports will be issued in 2006. We discuss how borders are crossed regarding the security and privacy erosion of the proposed schemes, and show which borders need to be crossed to improve the security and the privacy protection of the next generation of e-passports. In particular we discuss attacks on Basic Access(More)
The problem of showing whether a positive number is prime or composite is historically recognized to be an important and useful problem in arithmetic. Since Euclid’s times, the interest in prime numbers has only been growing. For today’s applications, primality testing is central to public key cryptography and for this reason is still heavily investigated(More)
OpenID, a standard for Web single sign-on, has been gaining popularity both with Identity Providers, Relying Parties, and users. This paper collects the security issues in OpenID found by others, occasionally extended by the authors, and presents them in a uniform way. It attempts to combine the shattered knowledge into a clear overview. The aim of this(More)
This paper presents a method to automati ally prove statements from primitive re ursive arithmeti . The method repla es logi al formulas by boolean expressions. A orre tness proof is onstru ted, whi h states that the original formula is derivable, if and only if the boolean expression equals true. Be ause the boolean expression redu es to true, the(More)
Since the late 1990s voting in the Netherlands proceeds largely via voting machines. These are dedicated computers that record and store votes. These machines are under control of local governments, who put them up in voting stations on election days. These voting machines (and all new versions of them) have undergone independent evaluation before being(More)
Smart cards are used in critical application areas. This means that their software should function correctly. Formal methods are indispensable in obtaining high quality systems. This paper presents a case study on the use of formal methods in specification-based, black-box testing of a smart card applet. The system under test is a simple electronic purse(More)
This paper describes a case study in refining an abstract security protocol description down to a concrete implementation on a Java Card smart card. The aim is to consider the decisions that have to be made in the development of such an implementation in a systematic way, and to investigate the possibilities of formal specification and verification in the(More)
ly) but also the mathematical content itself is defined in the language. In the beginning of the 20th century interest in formal mathematics was revived due to the discovery of some negative findings such as Russell’s paradox, Gödel’s incompleteness proof, Hilbert’s problems, and Brouwer’s intuitionism. An important aspect of Brouwer’s intuitionism is that(More)