Martijn Jacob Kanis

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PURPOSE To establish the relation between AMD stage and a quantitative measure for the integrity of foveal cone photoreceptors related to the optical Stiles-Crawford effect. METHODS Fifty-six AMD eyes and 57 control eyes were included in the final analysis. AMD was graded in accordance with the International Classification System into five mutually(More)
BACKGROUND To test whether foveal cone photoreceptors are impaired in primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG). METHODS Nineteen POAG eyes with central glaucomatous visual field defects, and 34 age-matched control eyes were included. Fundus reflectometry, together with a model fit procedure, provided information on a set of parameters: lens optical density,(More)
Macular pigment (MP) and melanin possibly protect the macular area by absorbing blue light and acting as antioxidants. Because little is known about the interocular correlation of melanin, we determined its optical density (MOD) in both eyes of healthy subjects using fundus reflectometry. The measuring method also provided optical densities of MP (MPOD). In(More)
PURPOSE To separately measure the optical densities of lutein (L) and zeaxanthin (Z) in the human retina in vivo. L and Z are the basic constituents of the macular pigment (MP). METHODS Spectral fundus reflectance was measured in 23 subjects (group 1) at 0 degrees , 1 degrees , 2 degrees , 4 degrees , and 8 degrees eccentricity with a modified macular(More)
Light of short wavelengths has been shown to play a key role in non-image forming responses. Due to aging, the ocular lens becomes more yellow reducing the transmission of short wavelengths in the elderly. In the present study, we make use of cataract surgery to investigate the effects of a relative increase of short wavelength transmission on melatonin-(More)
BACKGROUND After full macular translocation (MT) surgery with 360 degrees retinotomy, the fovea is rarely identifiable. Our aim was to verify the position of the fovea, to determine how patients fixate after MT and to examine distribution and optical density of macular pigment (MP). METHODS 9 patients after MT were investigated. The Utrecht Macular(More)
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