Martijn Hoes

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The experiments presented here have been designed to investigated whether the age-related attenuation of the vagal reactivity to emotional stressors and its modulation by amphetamine (Amph) or arginine-vasopressin (AVP) can be generalized for other physiological response patterns. We therefore studied the vagal control of the endocrine pancreas during food(More)
The fine structural characteristics of storage products in peripheral nerve, kidney and cerebral white matter, from a case of adult metachromatic leukodystrophy are described. There were pronounced differences from the fine structural aspects in late infantile cases. A large proportion of the inclusions did not exhibit a unit membrane. An hypothesis is(More)
In response to heart failure (HF), the heart reacts by repressing adult genes and expressing fetal genes, thereby returning to a more fetal-like gene profile. To identify genes involved in this process, we carried out transcriptional analysis on murine hearts at different stages of development and on hearts from adult mice with HF. Our screen identified(More)
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