Martien Molenaar

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Concepts of fuzzy objects have been put forward by various authors (Burrough and Frank 1996) to represent objects with indeterminate boundaries. In most of these proposals the uncertainties in thematic aspects and the geometric aspects are treated separately. Furthermore little attention is paid to methods for object identiŽ cation, whereas it is generally(More)
The rapid technological developments, as well as developments in demand for information, imply the continuous need for the upgrading of professionals through " lifelong learning ". This is not only true for professionals, but also for their organizations which are in a permanent state of change. The must continuously to adjust to their changing environment,(More)
Preface Automating the process of map generalisation has been a scientific challenge for over 30 years and still there is no comprehensive practical method. In this study I deal with the database part of the problem which has received relatively little attention in comparison with the total effort put into map generalisation research. This way I hope to(More)
Abstmct The determination of the spatia) extent of geo-obiects is generally approached through their boundaries or, more precisely, thrcugh the positions of their boundary points. The analysis of the geometric uncertainty of the objects is therefore often based on accuracy models for the coordinates of these points. In many survey disciplines objects are(More)