Martial Huet

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A comparative study of the three gastropod species Nucella lapillus (L.), Ocenebra erinacea (L.) and Hinia (Nassarius) reticulata (L.) reveals that Nucella is the most TBT sensitive species while Hinia is the least sensitive. Of the two imposex indices VDSI and RPSI, good interspecies correlations were obtained only for VDSI. The three species can be(More)
Sign and magnitude of local adaptation in host-parasite systems may vary with ecological, epidemiological or genetic parameters. To investigate the role of host genetic background, we established long-term experimental populations of different genotypes of the protozoan Paramecium caudatum, infected with the bacterial parasite Holospora undulata. We(More)
Several marine pathogens are thought to be implicated in the summer mortality phenomenon that strikes the Pacific oyster stocks (Crassostrea gigas) in Europe since more than a decade. Although, since 2008, a herpes virus variant (microvar) is considered the main responsible for juvenile mortalities, the role of several associated bacteria is less clear. One(More)
In vitro methods are used as an alternative to the expensive and time-consuming official method in mice for the titration of tetanus antibodies. Numerous techniques have been developed and used for this purpose, but with mixed results. The difficulty is to get good correlation with in vivo units whatever the vaccinal status of the individual. Today, some of(More)
After peritoneal inoculation of live meningococci suspension to Mice immunized with homologous meningococcal polysaccharide, the level of bacteremia is considerably reduced in the group of Mice that has received the vaccine in comparison to the control group. This reaction is specific with polysaccharide A or C, and there is no cross reaction between the(More)
Oral immunization against typhoid using Ty 21 a strain did not meet the anticipated success. This vaccine is too expensive for countries which actually need immunization. The suitable form of the vaccine is not yet clearly defined. Our proposal therefore is to give up freeze-drying and to use fresh suspended live bacilli. We have established that this form(More)