Martial Hoffmann

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The information analysis process includes a cluster analysis or classification step associated with an expert validation of the results. In this paper, we propose new measures of Recall/Precision for estimating the quality of cluster analysis. These measures derive both from the Galois lattice theory and from the Information Retrieval (IR) domain. As(More)
The main area of this paper concerns the neural methods for mapping scientific and technical information (articles, patents) and for assisting a user in carrying out the complex process of analysing large quantities of such information. In the procedure of information analysis, like in the domain of patent analysis, the complexity of the studied topics and(More)
There is a growing demand for end-to-end quality of service in present day multi-domain networks. IP/BGP is not equipped to support end-to-end QoS required by new upcoming services, and scalable QoS paradigms are required in lower layers to support future applications. Frequent fluctuations of available inter-domain resources inside a domain hinder the(More)
This paper investigates the availability of connections in core networks which use Ethernet directly over the optical DWDM layer. We study transparent, opaque and hybrid connections. We show that the availability of a protected hybrid connection can be accurately estimated through calculating the availability of a protected transparent path or protected(More)
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