Martial Bellec

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Gigabit home networks represent a key technology to make the Future Internet success a reality. The OMEGA European project [1] aims to define and demonstrate such networks. Consumers will require networks to be simple to install, without the need of any new wire. To achieve this, gigabit radio links and wireless optics communications will provide wireless(More)
Operating Local Area Networks, in the home of their customers, has recently become a new business for Network Operators. On the other hand, Gigabit optical technologies are introduced in the operators' access network and new digital terminals appear in the customer premises, such as HDTV videos, PCs and home servers, requiring more and more a high speed(More)
The media richness of the services available to the end consumer has had a constant increase rate of about 8% per year over the last century. This leads nowadays to the need of Ultra Broadband at home to handle future services such as 3D. Ultra Broadband means bit rates reaching the Gigabit per second. Moreover, beyond the bandwidth increase, the home(More)
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