Marti C Goldenberg

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It is not understood why healthy tissues can exhibit varying levels of sensitivity to the same toxic stimuli. Using BH3 profiling, we find that mitochondria of many adult somatic tissues, including brain, heart, and kidneys, are profoundly refractory to pro-apoptotic signaling, leading to cellular resistance to cytotoxic chemotherapies and ionizing(More)
Rett syndrome and neurodevelopmental disorders with features overlapping this syndrome frequently remain unexplained in patients without clinically identified MECP2 mutations. We recruited a cohort of 11 patients with features of Rett syndrome and negative initial clinical testing for mutations in MECP2. We analyzed their phenotypes to determine whether(More)
OBJECTIVE To obtain insights into mechanisms mediating changes in cortical excitability induced by cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). METHODS Neocortical slices were exposed to direct current stimulation (DCS) delivered through Ag/AgCl electrodes over a range of current orientations, magnitudes, and durations. DCS-induced cortical(More)
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