Marthinus C. Gerber

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PURPOSE To assess whether dexrazoxane (DZR) given after a cumulative doxorubicin dose of 300 mg/m2 confers cardioprotection in patients with advanced breast cancer treated with fluorouracil, doxorubicin, and cyclophosphamide (FAC). PATIENTS AND METHODS In two multicenter studies (088001 and 088006), patients were randomized to receive FAC and placebo(More)
PURPOSE To determine the cardioprotective effect of dexrazoxane (DZR) used in a doxorubicin-based combination therapy in advanced breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between November 1988 and January 1991, 534 patients with advanced breast cancer were randomized to two multicenter, double-blind studies (088001 and 088006). Patients received fluorouracil,(More)
PURPOSE A randomized clinical trial was undertaken to compare the therapeutic effectiveness of idarubicin (IDR) to daunorubicin (DNR), and both were given in combination with cytarabine (CA) in acute myelogenous leukemic (AML) patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Newly diagnosed patients were given a daily infusion of CA (100 mg/m2) for 7 days and were assigned(More)
Idarubicin, a new analogue of daunorubicin, was administered p.o. for 3 consecutive days every 3 weeks at a dose of 45 mg/m2 in 46 patients (45 eligible and evaluable) with previously treated, favorable histology, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Median clinical characteristics included an age of 66 years, a performance status of 1, and one prior chemotherapeutic(More)
Idarubicin, a new analogue of daunorubicin, was administered i.v. at a dose of 15 mg/m2 to 31 previously treated patients with unfavorable non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Clinical characteristics included median age, 69 years; performance status, 1; and prior chemotherapeutic regimens, 1. Twenty of the patients were relapsing after prior therapy and 11 were(More)
The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting (CFfFR) was developed to provide guidance to users and preparers of financial reports and standards. However, general consensus within the accounting community is that the Conceptual Framework fails to achieve the stated intended purpose. This paper reports on an interpretive research study to understand the(More)
The purpose of accounting is to gather financial data of a business or entity, to interpret this data and to report the results in financial statements to the different users thereof. The interpretation of financial data is regulated by financial accounting standards including a conceptual framework that were developed to facilitate the reporting of(More)
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