Marthie Grobler

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A CSIRT is a team of dedicated information security specialists that prepares for and responds to information security incidents. When an incident occurs, members of a CSIRT can assist its constituency in determining what happened and what actions need to be taken to remedy the situation. The establishment of a CSIRT, however, is not without certain(More)
This paper extends work on a forensic model for traffic isolation based on Differentiated Services (DiffServ) and measures its performance by using a simulation. The simulated model has four basic components: traffic generators, the DiffServ network domain, a preservation station and a sink server. On the client side, the simulation has two traffic(More)
Cyber security is an important aspect of National Security and the safekeeping of a Nation's constituency and resources. In South Africa, the focus on cyber security is especially prominent since many geographical regions are incorporated into the global village in an attempt to bridge the digital divide. This article reflects on current research and(More)
Digital Forensics is a discipline that primarily focuses on the post-incident side of an investigation. However, during the last decade, there is a considerable amount of research that considers proactive measures taken by an organization. Such measures comprise a digital forensic readiness plan. This paper first presents research initiatives on forensic(More)
A large portion of the South African rural community only have intermittent access to computers and are not familiar, nor entirely comfortable, with the use of internet communication or electronic devices. The research conducted by the authors of this paper confirms that this lack of awareness, combined with the inherent dangers posed by the internet,(More)
The potential impact that data leakage can have on a country, both on a national level as well as on an individual level, can be wide reaching and potentially catastrophic. In January 2013, several South African companies became the target of a hack attack, resulting in the breach of security measures and the leaking of a claimed 700000 records. The(More)
In many ways, the internet and cyber world is a dangerous place where innocent users can inadvertently fall prey to shrewd cyber criminals. These dangers, combined with a large portion of the South African population that has not had regular and sustained exposure to technology and broadband internet access, expose local communities to cyber threats.(More)
Phishing is an attempt by a third party to solicit confidential information from an individual, group or organization. Phishers attempt to trick users into disclosing personal data, such as credit card numbers, online banking credentials and other sensitive information, which they may then use to commit fraudulent acts. There has been an increase in attack(More)
Continuous developments in forensic processes and tools have aided in elevating the positioning of digital forensics within the legal system. The equally continuous developments in technology and electronic advances, however, are making it more difficult to match forensic processes and tools with the advanced technology. Therefore, it is necessary to create(More)