Marthe Pelletier

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Major adverse reactions to antituberculosis drugs can cause significant morbidity, and compromise treatment regimens for tuberculosis (TB). Among patients treated for active TB we estimated the incidence, and risk factors, of major side effects from first-line anti-TB drugs. Side effects, resulting in modification or discontinuation of therapy, or(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the sonographic findings of plantar fasciitis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Both feet of 15 patients who had a clinical diagnosis of plantar fasciitis were evaluated with ultrasound (US) by using a 7.0-MHz linear-array transducer. Heel pain was unilateral in 11 patients and bilateral in four. Sagittal sonograms were obtained, and the(More)
BACKGROUND There have been no attempts to objectively compare resident teaching ability with resident knowledge level. METHODS Resident teaching ability, as rated by medical students and junior surgical residents, was compared with resident knowledge level, estimated by in-training examination results, for 18 PGY5 and PGY4 surgical residents at McGill(More)
BACKGROUND No multivariate study has assessed the independent prognostic role of endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) in esophageal cancer, even when considering computed tomography (CT). OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prognostic value of EUS in esophageal cancer before exclusive or preoperative radiochemotherapy. METHODS From 1993 to 1999, the FFCD 9102 study(More)
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Although the subject of undergraduate surgical education has been debated extensively, especially in the past few years, most of the opinions and decisions made in this field have been those of practising surgeons. In this essay, a medical student's perspective is offered, indicating that if reform is to take place in the field of undergraduate surgical(More)
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