Martha Wunsch

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Thirty hospitalized diabetics completed symptom checklists immediately prior to monitoring their own blood glucose level seven times a day for 6--10 days. For each subject, simple correlations were computed between each of the physical symptoms and blood glucose level. Most subjects evidenced several symptoms that were highly correlated with glucose(More)
Clinicians may face pragmatic, ethical, and legal issues when treating addicted patients. Equal pressures exist for clinicians to always address the health care needs of these patients in addition to their addiction. Although controversial, mainly because of the lack of evidence regarding their long-term efficacy, the use of opioids for the treatment of(More)
A case of laparoscopy is presented with postoperative large subcutaneous emphysema and bilateral pneumothorax. As a result of careful control, conservative treatment, and consequent oxygen administration, this life-threatening phenomena disappeared within a short time. Preventive measures for complications of diagnostic laparoscopy are discussed and(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe and present the results of our novel technique for eversion endarterectomy of the external iliac artery (EIA). METHODS For our prospective follow-up study, antegrade eversion endarterectomy (AEEA) of the EIA was mostly performed as a bail-out procedure, if (endovascular-assisted) remote endarterectomy from the groin had failed.(More)
Intracranial haemorrhages in before-term children and risk newborn are a well-known problem, hydrocephalus being one of the possible posthaemorrhagic complications. In most cases intrapartal and postpartal complications will be responsible for the occurrence of haemorrhages. However, in this regard it is difficult to assess the ranking of individual factors(More)
Im operativen Zugangsweg für eine Karotisrekonstruktion findet sich eine Vielzahl nervaler Strukturen. Läsionen können für den Patienten zu mitunter schwerwiegenden Beeinträchtigungen führen. Deshalb ist die Kenntnis der Anatomie und Funktion dieser Nervenstrukturen für Operateure von weitreichender Bedeutung. Am ehesten gefährdet sind N. laryngeus(More)