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An experiment was conducted to determine whether broiler litter concentration of N and P and equilibrium NH3 gas concentration can be reduced by reducing dietary CP and P levels and supplementing with amino acids and phytase, respectively, without adversely affecting bird performance. Equilibrium NH3 gas concentration above the litter was measured. The(More)
Crossbred pigs (n = 144, average age and weight = 28 +/- 3 d, 7.5 kg) were used in two 6-wk trials to assess the effects of dietary pH and P source on growth performance, gastrointestinal digesta pH and chloride ion concentration (Cl-), and bone characteristics. Treatments were randomly allotted within blocks (based on weight within gender) to a 3 x 2(More)
A study was conducted to determine whether substitution of pearl millet for corn in layer diets could enrich egg yolks with n-3 fatty acids. Seventy-two Single Comb White Leghorn hens of a commercial strain in their second cycle of production were fed isocaloric, isonitrogeneous diets (2,860 kcal AMEn/kg and 16% CP) formulated with corn, equal amounts of(More)
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of dietary phytase and increasing levels of available phosphorus (P(av)) on the growth performance and phosphorus metabolism of broiler chicks. In both experiments, graded levels of P provided by dicalcium phosphate and of phytase were added to a low-P corn-soybean meal basal diet. In Experiment 1, diets(More)
Variations in muscle chemical composition, pH, and protein extractability were studied using male broilers of eight different genetic crosses of commercial strains. Three replicate groups of 24 birds of each cross were grown in floor pens using commercial corn-soybean meal diets. At 8 wk of age, three birds per replicate, weighing within 5% of the pen(More)
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