Martha S Levine

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A cross-sectional study has been carried out at The National Institutes of Health to examine the prevalence of laboratory animal allergy (LAA) in a population exposed to animals, and to compare the prevalence of general allergy in the exposed v a control group. A group of 289 workers with light-to-moderate exposure to animals, 260 with heavy exposure, and(More)
A group of 479 fire fighters were investigated for routine exposure to hydrogen cyanide in the fire atmosphere using measurements of serum thiocyanate (SCN-). Our findings indicate that fire fighters were exposed to levels of hydrogen cyanide sufficient to raise their mean serum thiocyanate (SCN-) levels above that of controls. This elevation of serum SCN-(More)
OBJECTIVE Clients in an assertive community treatment program and their clinicians were asked to rate clients' current difficulties in 13 quality-of-life areas to determine whether improvement in any area predicted reductions in hospitalization and incarceration. METHODS A peer counselor interviewed 45 clients about psychiatric symptoms, substance use and(More)
A cross-sectional review of routine employee health status examinations has identified an undercounting of circulating monocytes associated with an inhibition of a surface monocyte esterase, alpha-naphthyl butyrate esterase. It is postulated that this inhibition is associated with an organophosphate used in the production process. Correlation with routine(More)
The authors assess their experience with reviewing the length of stay of inpatients in a mental health facility. The study yielded data that refine the review process and suggest a rationale for selection of cases for review that may have educational value both to the admitting staff and physician-reviewers. The authors urge experimentation with length of(More)
When an automated counting instrument using an esterase stain was employed, decreased monocyte counts were observed in a group of process workers exposed to organophosphate esters. Their monocyte counts were not found to be depressed with manual counting or with an automated counter using another staining method. The apparent depression was transient. In(More)
A pervasive sense of urgency, stimulated by the Social Security Amendments of 1972 (Public Law 92-603), attends the need to establish norms for length of stay for impatient services in mental health facilities and to provide review mechanisms for extended care cases. The authors describe one model, adaptable to changing needs and federal regulations, that(More)