Martha Rodriguez

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PURPOSE To describe the processes and outcomes of developing and implementing a Continuity of Care Document (CCD), My Health Profile, as a personal health record for persons living with HIV (PLWH) in an HIV/AIDS Special Needs Plan in New York City. METHODS Multiple qualitative and quantitative data sources were used to describe the processes and outcomes(More)
Research on health information has primarily focused on the needs of adults or parents of children with chronic illnesses or consumers. There is limited research on the health information needs of adolescents and in particular those from underserved communities. The primary objective of this qualitative study was to understand the health information needs(More)
This study summarizes optimization of techniques for common carp artificial propagation including improvements of activation solution (AS), the process of insemination, and elimination of egg stickiness. The optimum gamete ratio for good fertilization and hatching rate ranged from 8490 to 23 672 spermatozoa per egg, when dechlorinated tap water was used.(More)
BACKGROUND Use of mobile technology has made a huge impact on communication, access, and information/resource delivery to adolescents. Mobile technology is frequently used by adolescents. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to understand the health information needs of adolescents in the context of their everyday lives and to assess how they meet(More)
Home telemedicine is an emerging healthcare paradigm that has the potential to transform the treatment of chronic illness. The purpose of this paper is to: (1) develop a theoretical and methodological framework for studying workflow in telemediated clinician-patient encounters drawing on a distributed cognition approach and (2) employ the framework in an(More)
This paper deals with public health in Mexico City from the 16th to the 18th century. The first part is about sickness and epidemics; the origin of a very high concerned with death rate at that time; general and private hospitals foundations, and about the role of the Church, Medical Board and the Viceroy in Health Care and Preventive Medicine. Medical care(More)
Telehealth can provide powerful self-management tools for patients with chronic illness. A methodological framework for evaluating nurse case manager workflow is proposed. The framework focuses on work practices, cognitive tasks and artifacts. It is illustrated in the context of an analysis of telehealth video visits. There is a need to better understand(More)
It analyzes the National School of Medicine situation in the period of 1910 to 1916, when two historical events rebound in their working; firstly the opening of National University of Mexico, and, in the other hand, the beginning of Mexican Revolution. Despite of the uneven political, economical, and academic situation, the Medicine School kept its interest(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the function of New Spain's Boards of Health, which were created in times of emergencies as in epidemic diseases or natural catastrophes. MATERIAL Most of the information comes from primary sources, such as the rules, orders and reports of the Boards of Health. RESULTS Whenever an epidemic disease appeared in New Spain, there were(More)