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The Proposition Bank: An Annotated Corpus of Semantic Roles
An automatic system for semantic role tagging trained on the corpus is described and the effect on its performance of various types of information is discussed, including a comparison of full syntactic parsing with a flat representation and the contribution of the empty trace categories of the treebank. Expand
Verb Semantics and Lexical Selection
This paper will focus on the semantic representation of verbs in computer systems and its impact on lexical selection problems in machine translation (MT), and sees the approach as closely aligned with knowledge-based MT approaches (KBMT), and as a separate component that could be incorporated into existing systems. Expand
OntoNotes: The 90% Solution
It is described the OntoNotes methodology and its result, a large multilingual richly-annotated corpus constructed at 90% interannotator agreement, which will be made available to the community during 2007. Expand
Abstract Meaning Representation for Sembanking
A sembank of simple, whole-sentence semantic structures will spur new work in statistical natural language understanding and generation, like the Penn Treebank encouraged work on statistical parsing. Expand
Verbnet: a broad-coverage, comprehensive verb lexicon
VerbNet is created, a verb lexicon compatible with Word-Net but with explicitly stated syntactic and semantic information, using Levin verb classes to systematically construct lexical entries, to address the gap in coverage of syntactic frames and predicate argument structures associated with individual verb senses. Expand
From TreeBank to PropBank
This paper describes the approach to the development of a Proposition Bank, which involves the addition of semantic information to the Penn English Treebank and introduces metaframes as a technique for handling similar frames among near− synonymous verbs. Expand
Class-Based Construction of a Verb Lexicon
We present an approach to building a verb lexicon compatible with WordNet but with explicitly stated syntactic and semantic information, using Levin verb classes to systematically construct lexicalExpand
CoNLL-2011 Shared Task: Modeling Unrestricted Coreference in OntoNotes
The CoNLL-2011 shared task involved predicting coreference using OntoNotes data, a new resource that provides multiple integrated annotation layers (parses, semantic roles, word senses, named entities and coreference) that could support joint models. Expand
The Penn Chinese TreeBank: Phrase structure annotation of a large corpus
Several Chinese linguistic issues and their implications for treebanking efforts are discussed and how to address these issues when developing annotation guidelines are addressed, and engineering strategies to improve speed while ensuring annotation quality are described. Expand
The English all-words task