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Cerebrolysin (Cere) is a compound with neurotrophic activity shown to be effective in Alzheimer's disease in earlier trials. The efficacy and safety of three dosages of Cere were investigated in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, study. Two hundred and seventy-nine patients were enrolled (69 Cere 10 ml; 70 Cere 30 ml; 71 Cere 60 ml and 69(More)
Cerebrolysin is a porcine brain derived peptide preparation with potential neurotrophic activity. The effects of a single oral dose of the Cerebrolysin solution (30 ml) on brain bioelectrical activity and on cognitive performance were investigated in healthy elderly people. A single oral dose of Cerebrolysin induced a progressive increase in relative alpha(More)
N-PEP-12 is a derivative of cerebrolysin, a brain-derived neuropeptide compound that has been approved for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease (AD) in more than 30 countries. N-PEP-12 is much less potent than cerebrolysin but it can be administered orally whereas the parent compound must be administered through multiple intravenous infusions. This study(More)
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