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BACKGROUND The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has defined knowledge translation (KT) as a dynamic and iterative process that includes the synthesis, dissemination, exchange, and ethically-sound application of knowledge to improve the health of Canadians, provide more effective health services and products, and strengthen the healthcare(More)
BACKGROUND Although the need to retain rural registered nurses is pressing, little is known about what influences them to stay in their current employment. The objectives of the study were: to examine public health nurses' (PHNs) job and community satisfaction; to relate job and community satisfaction to their decision to stay in their current employment in(More)
BACKGROUND Patient-centred care emerged in the late 1960s as a framework to guide providers and decision-makers towards the provision of more effective health care and better outcomes. An important body of literature has since emerged, reporting mixed results in terms of outcomes. To date, assessments of the effectiveness of patient-centred approaches have(More)
BACKGROUND Group medical visits (GMVs), clinical encounters with a medical component delivered to groups of patients, have emerged as an innovative approach to potentially increasing efficiency while enhancing the quality of primary health care (PHC). GMVs have created the need to pay explicit attention to patient confidentiality. OBJECTIVE What(More)
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