Martha Kandziora

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The disproportionate species richness of the world’s biodiversity hotspots could be explained by low extinction (the evolutionary “museum”) and/or high speciation (the “hot-bed”) models. We test these models using the largest of the species rich plant groups that characterise the botanically diverse Cape Floristic Region (CFR): the genus Erica L. We(More)
PREMISE OF THE STUDY Floras of continental habitat islands, like those of islands, originate mostly through colonization, which can be followed by in situ speciation. We here address the question of the relative importance of colonization and in situ diversification in the high-altitude areas of the eastern African high mountains, the tropical Afroalpine(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Alpine and arctic environments worldwide, including high mountains, are dominated by short-stature woody plants (dwarf shrubs). This conspicuous life form asserts considerable influence on local environmental conditions above the treeline, creating its own microhabitat. This study reconstructs the evolution of dwarf shrubs in Alchemilla(More)
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