Martha J Shively

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BACKGROUND Adherence to prescribed medications is a central feature of good clinical HIV care, but little is known about the factors associated with multidrug antiretroviral adherence, or about how such adherence is related to plasma HIV suppression. METHODS We collected data from 133 HIV-infected adults receiving antiretroviral therapy. Study subjects(More)
BACKGROUND The Minnesota Living With Heart Failure Questionnaire (LHFQ) is a commonly used measure of health-related quality of life in persons with heart failure. Researchers have questioned whether LHFQ is sensitive to subtle differences and sufficiently responsive to clinical interventions because the instrument has demonstrated variable performance in(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVE Few studies have examined whether chronic heart failure (HF) outcomes can be improved by increasing patient engagement (known as activation) in care and capabilities for self-care management. The objective was to determine the efficacy of a patient activation intervention compared with usual care on activation, self-care management,(More)
Fatigue is among the most common and distressing symptoms in patients with HIV/AIDS. Little is known about the clinical assessment of fatigue, especially in patients using highly active antiretroviral regimens. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the Global Fatigue Index (GFI) in a community-based sample of 209 patients(More)
We examined the efficacy of a psycho-spiritual intervention of mantram repetition—a word or phrase with spiritual associations repeated silently throughout the day–on psychological distress (intrusive thoughts, stress, anxiety, anger, depression), quality of life enjoyment and satisfaction, and existential spiritual well-being in HIV-infected adults. Using(More)
There has been a lack of research regarding nonpharmacologic interventions in heart failure. The objective was to determine the effect of behavioral management on health related quality of life (HRQL) in patients with heart failure. Participants (N = 116) were randomly assigned to one of two groups: usual care for heart failure (n = 58) and the 15-week(More)
BACKGROUND Prior investigators have suggested that quality of life differs in men and women with heart failure, especially in the physical functioning domain. The purpose of this study was to compare quality of life in men and women with heart failure to determine if differences exist after controlling for functional status, age, and ejection fraction. (More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of site of nitroglycerin ointment placement on headache and flushing in healthy subjects. Twenty-six subjects were given two doses of nitroglycerin ointment 3 hr apart in a randomly assigned arm-chest sequence or chest-arm sequence. Subject reports of headache and flushing using the visual analogue scale(More)
The systemic arterial pattern of 59 guinea pigs was examined by dissection, angiography, or corrosion casting. The blood supply to the pelvis and the pelvic limbs arises as two terminal branches of the aorta, the right and left common iliac arteries, and each of these divides into external and internal iliac arteries. Their pattern of distribution resembles(More)
BACKGROUND Pain in critically ill patients is undertreated. OBJECTIVES To examine patients' perceptions of pain and acute pain management practices in a large metropolitan area to provide direction for improvements in pain relief. METHODS In a descriptive, correlational study, data were collected from 213 patients in 13 hospitals. Interviews with(More)