Martha J. Larkin

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We investigated blocking and retrospective revaluation of causal judgements using a scenario in which food cues acted as potential causes of an allergic reaction as the outcome. In the blocking contingency, the treatment cues were either paired or unpaired with the outcome prior to a second stage in which sequential compounds of treatment and target cues(More)
In three experiments, participants learned which of a variety of foods were capable of causing an allergic reaction in a hypothetical patient during training in which a compound of a treatment and a target food cue was paired with the reaction. In Experiment 1 the causal ratings of the target cue were increased if the treatment cue was pretrained as a(More)
PUBLIC COMMENTS There was no one present who wished to comment. OTHER Advisory Board Changes Mr. Gumm announced that Council has decided to make changes to Boards and Commissions by merging some of the existing Boards. This would mean that the CDBG Advisory Board would be merged with the Human Services Advisory Board in the near future. More information on(More)
Decision makers must know if their cyber assets are ready to execute critical missions and business processes. Net-work operators need to know who relies on a failed network asset (e.g. IP address, network service, application) and what critical operations are impacted. This requires a mapping between net-work assets and the critical operations that depend(More)
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