Martha E. Snell

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Eleven human bladder carcinomata of different degrees of differentiation were implanted in mice immunosuppressed by thymectomy, anti-thymocyte serum and x-rays. Seven carcinomata grew well and one poorly and 3 produced mainly fibrous nodules in the mice. Normal human bladder tissues were grown from 4 other patients. The administration of a haematoporphyrin(More)
The 1992 American Association on Mental Retardation's (AAMR) definition and classification of mental retardation is different from the previous classification system in that: (a) a single diagnostic code of mental retardation is used if the person meets the three criteria of age of onset (18 or under), significantly subaverage abilities in intellectual(More)
Crystallography is a multidisciplinary field that links divergent areas of mathematics, science and engineering to provide knowledge of life on an atomic scale. Crystal growth, a key component of the field, is an ideal vehicle for education. Crystallization has been used with a 'grocery store chemistry' approach and linked to high-throughput remote-access(More)
The purposes of this review were to (a) use meta-analytic procedures to examine the effectiveness of single-case AAC intervention research on challenging behaviors exhibited by individuals with disabilities, (b) identify study characteristics that moderate intervention effects, and (c) evaluate the quality of research. The authors provided inferential and(More)
Using a one-stage kinetic chromogenic assay, we studied the procoagulant activity (PCA) of prostatic tissue in an experimental model of prostate cancer in the rat. PCA was present in homogenates of rat prostate glands containing either benign or malignant tumours. The procoagulant activated factor X directly and was provisionally characterised as a tissue(More)
A retrospective analysis was done on 235 hypertensive patients undergoing renal arteriography. Of the 85 patients with renal artery stenosis 50 underwent 56 operations or angioplasties and have been followed up for at least a year. 41 (73%) of these procedures were curative or led to improved blood-pressure control. These results make it worthwhile(More)
Institutionalized retarded subjects (N=57) were assigned to one of three experimental conditions during a simple three-choice task in which the subjects and the experimenter took turns feeding colored plastic "Cookie Monster." In the imitation condition, the experimenter imitated the subject's choice, and in the ninimtation condition, the experimenter(More)
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