Martha E. Pollack

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Within the past three years, several new AI textbooks have been published, all written by well-known researchers (Dean, Allen, and Aloiminos 1995; Russell and Norvig 1995; Shoham 1994; Ginsberg 1993). Thus, it is not surprising that the authors of each of these textbooks have sought a way to distinguish their own book from the rest. The hook for Stuart(More)
without regard to the amount of time it is taking or the changes meanwhile going on, is not likely to make ra.tional decisions. We describe a system called Tileworld, which consists of a simulated robot agent and a simulated environment which is both dynamic and unpredictable. Both the agent and the environment are highly parameterized, enabling one to(More)
This paper describes a mobile robotic assistant, developed to assist elderly individuals with mild cognitive and physical impairments, as well as support nurses in their daily activities. We present three software modules relevant to ensure successful human–robot interaction: an automated reminder system; a people tracking and detection system; and finally(More)
a plan for assassinating the president is shooting him, and actually planning 0 Preparation of this paper was supported by a gift from the Systems Development Foundation. The research was done as part of my doctoral thesis [19], which was supported by a gift from the Systems Development Foundation, by an IBM Graduate Fellowship, by the Defense Advanced(More)
The world’s population is aging at a phenomenal rate. Certain types of cognitive decline, in particular some forms of memory impairment, occur much more frequently in the elderly. This paper describes Autominder, a cognitive orthotic system intended to help older adults adapt to cognitive decline and continue the satisfactory performance of routine(More)
A widespread recognition of the usefulness of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) has established their importance as critical components of today's software. GUIs have characteristics different from traditional software, and conventional testing techniques do not directly apply to GUIs. This paper's focus is on coverage critieria for GUIs, important rules(More)
population is over the age of 60; by 2050 this proportion will have more than doubled. Moreover, the greatest rate of increase is amongst the “oldest old,” people aged 85 and over. While many older adults remain healthy and productive, overall this segment of the population is subject to physical and cognitive impairment at higher rates than younger people.(More)
Over the past few years, a new constraint-based formalism for temporal reasoning has been developed to represent and reason about Disjunctive Temporal Problems (DTPs). The class of DTPs is significantly more expressive than other problems previously studied in constraintbased temporal reasoning. In this paper we present a new algorithm for DTP solving,(More)