Martha Cooper

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  • Raymond J Noonan, Rob Ert, +365 authors Phys I Cal Ed
  • 2006
Us ers of this website may use down loaded con tent for non-com mer cial ed u ca tion or re search use only. All other rights re served, in clud ing the mir ror ing of this website or the plac ing of any of its con tent in frames on out side websites. Ex cept as pre vi ously noted, no part of this book may be re pro duced, stored in a re trieval sys tem, or(More)
Anecdotal experiences raise concerns that abusive head trauma (AHT) is significantly underdiagnosed and perhaps poorly recognized in Latin American settings. With increasing interest in international collaboration in pediatrics, differences in perspectives regarding complex diagnoses should be explored to facilitate a productive exchange of knowledge and(More)
Patients with cyanide exposure present a rare and unique challenge to the critical care nurse. The following article assists the critical care nurse and advanced practice nurse in understanding the pathophysiology of cyanide exposure, assessment of signs and symptoms, and antidotal and supportive therapies. In addition, a case review of nursing care for a(More)
IntroductIon Scheduled maintenance is crucial to preserving high aircraft reliability levels. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration sued Southwest Airlines for over $10 million in 2008, alleging that the airline failed to perform mandatory periodic safety checks and thus flew unsafe aircraft (Griffith & Bronstein, 2008). These mandatory periodic(More)
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