Martha Cook Carter

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This article details the development of an instrument designed to assess the impact of certain environmental stressors in the pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) on parents of hospitalized children. A theoretical framework based on stress theory and developed by the authors provided the framework for this project. This 62-item scale assessing seven(More)
Parents of children hospitalized in one of five midwestern pediatric intensive care units (ICU) were interviewed about the stress experienced from aspects of the ICU environment. Subjects were 324 mothers and 186 fathers of 350 children. Data were collected using the Parental Stressor Scale: Pediatric ICU which assesses seven dimensions of the environment:(More)
This study was designed to evaluate a theoretical framework, based on stress theory, which identifies potential sources of stress in parents of children hospitalized in an intensive care unit (ICU). The framework suggests that personal, situational, and ICU environmental stress stimuli interactively impact on the overall parental stress response. Multiple(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify staff behaviors and parental coping patterns helpful to parents during their child's hospitalization in a pediatric intensive care unit. Subjects were 21 mothers and 15 fathers of 27 hospitalized children. The study used a retrospective self-report method in which parents were asked their perception regarding the(More)
Australian truffle growing in Australia is small and at the early stages of development. The industry produced approximately 1,500 kilograms in 2009 with a wholesale price of between $1500 and $2,000 / kilogram. A high proportion of growers operate on a small scale. As well as increasing area being planted, truffle production is increasing approximately 40(More)
This study was designed to determine which aspects of diabetic management were perceived by mothers of children with diabetes to be the most problematic. A secondary purpose was to explore how age and sex of the child, age at diagnosis, illness duration, marital status, and socioeconomic status of the mother were related to the mother's perception of(More)