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We describe the construction of amplification primers designed to target a portion of the mitochondrial cytochrome b locus in a variety of molluscan taxa. Combinations of two sets of primers successfully amplified cytochrome b from several species of gastropods, bivalves, and cephalopods. Sequence analysis of these amplified products revealed nucleotide(More)
We have shown that neural tube defects (NTD) in a mouse model of diabetic embryopathy are associated with deficient expression of Pax3, a gene required for neural tube closure. Hyperglycemia-induced oxidative stress is responsible. Before organogenesis, the avascular embryo is physiologically hypoxic (2-5% O(2)). Here we hypothesized that, because O(2)(More)
This study attempts to determine if fibers that project from the guinea pig red nucleus to the spinal cord use L-glutamate and/or L-aspartate as transmitters. Unilateral injections of kainic acid were placed stereotaxically in the red nucleus to destroy the cells of origin of the rubrospinal tract. Six days after the injection, Nissl-stained sections(More)
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