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Successful supply chain management requires cross-functional integration and marketing must play a critical role. The challenge is to determine how to successfully accomplish this integration. We present a framework for supply chain management as well as questions for how it might be implemented and questions for future research. Case studies conducted at(More)
Five external criteria were used to evaluate the extent of recovery of the true structure in a hierarchical clustering solution. This was accomplished by comparing the partitions produced by the clustering algorithm with the partition that indicates the true cluster structure known to exist in the data. The five criteria examined were the Rand, the Morey(More)
Given the success of neural networks in a variety of applications in engineering, such as speech and image quantization, it is natural to consider its application to similar problems in other domains. A related problem that arises in business is market segmentation for which Clustering techniques are used. In this paper, we explore the ability of a specific(More)
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