Martha A Henderson

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BACKGROUND Whether antidepressants prevent depression during interferon-alpha/ribavirin treatment for hepatitis C virus infection has yet to be established. AIM To investigate the use of paroxetine in a prospective, double-blind, placebo-controlled study for this indication. METHODS Sixty-one hepatitis C virus-infected patients were randomly assigned to(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty has gained recognition as an objective measure of a patient's physiologic reserve that ideally can replace the subjective biases of surgeons. In this study, we sought to examine the concordance between patient and attending surgeon perceptions of the patient's "fitness" before surgery. We then correlated these ratings with the patient's(More)
BACKGROUND Frailty is an objective measurement capable of preoperatively identifying patients with increased risk of 30-d morbidity and mortality, though less is known about its utility beyond that timeframe. We hypothesized that preoperative frailty is associated with an increased risk of 1-y mortality in patients undergoing major intra-abdominal surgery.(More)
Details of a 22-item questionnaire used to assess the result of surgery for peptic ulcer are given. Tested in 47 patients the questionnaire correlates well with the Visick grading. The 100-mm line test and post-operative alkali consumption are less accurate measures of outcome. As an alternative to the Follow-Up Clinic, as a potential predictor of result,(More)
The assessment of the result of surgery for peptic ulcer is based on doctor-determined criteria. Failure to distinguish one operation as being better than another may be because these criteria do not include the patient's rating of outcome. A questionnaire based on patients' descriptions of the quality of result has been tested in 63 patients. Preliminary(More)
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