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In the area of product design and usability, most products are developed for the mass-market by technically oriented designers and developers for use by persons who themselves are also technically adept by today's standards. The demands of older people are commonly not given sufficient consideration within the early developmental process. In the present(More)
A decline of cognitive abilities is a part of normal human ageing. However, recent research has demonstrated that an enriched environment can have a beneficial impact on cognitive function in old age. Accordingly, mentally and socially active lifestyles are associated with less cognitive decline in old age. Specific interventions such as computerized(More)
Decline of cognitive function is a part of aging. However, intensive cognitive training can improve important cognitive functions, such as attention and working memory. Because existing systems are not older adult-friendly and are usually not based on scientific evidence, an online platform was developed for cognitive training with information and(More)
A critical need exists for rehabilitation for improving older adults' physical abilities, especially in the field of fall prevention. Although virtual reality and ambient-assistive technology-based approaches are promising, they are cost intensive and frequently face significant obstacles during the developmental process. The authors of the current article(More)
Mit zunehmendem Alter gewinnt Prävention aufgrund des altersbedingten Abbaus physischer und psychischer Fähigkeiten an Bedeutung. Durch Selbstmonitoring mit technischen Systemen kann die Aufrechterhaltung der Gesundheit unterstützt werden. Für Senioren können die Systeme besonders hilfreich sein, jedoch richten sich die Entwickler vornehmlich an jüngere(More)
Research demonstrates that physical activity beneficially influences brain function, quality of life and reduces cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, many projects and technical developments aim to promote physical activity. As a result of the “quantified self”-movement, a great number of wearable technologies, which are mainly developed for a younger target(More)
Der Erfolg von Selbstmonitoring bei der Diabetestherapie konnte bereits in zahlreichen Studien nachgewiesen werden. Derzeit gibt es eine Vielzahl an mobilen Smartphone-Apps, die die systematische Erfassung und Analyse von relevanten Daten unterstützen. Diese werden jedoch vorranging für junge Menschen entwickelt. Innerhalb der vorliegenden Studie wurde(More)
Older adults are exposed to computer-based applications daily. However, most websites and applications are not specifically developed for older adults. Studies have shown that older adults with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) behave differently from older adults without MCI in website usage. Eye tracking is a valuable tool to assess users' eye movement(More)
With increasing age we often find ourselves in situations where we search for certain items, such as keys or wallets, but cannot remember where we left them before. Since finding these objects usually results in a lengthy and frustrating process, we propose an approach for the automatic detection of visual search for older adults to identify the point in(More)
Physical activity is one of the key factors of ageing healthy and at the same time one of the key motivational challenges for the elderly. Supporting healthy ageing through physical fitness requires interventions that promote healthy levels of physical activity as part of the daily routine. Although wearable devices, such as activity trackers or smart(More)