Marten Fischer

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Software testing is the most important and most time-and cost consuming part in the software development process. According to [10] about 50% of the resources in a software project are spent for testing. Often, research activities, with the goal to automatise this process, cover only the generation of test cases and their execution. The important topic of(More)
Due to renewable energies, the feed-in to the power grid will fluctuate increasingly. As long as no highly efficient storage technology is found, the importance of demand side management (DSM) will grow. Different algorithms have been proposed for managing the consumers. However, they cannot be easily compared due to a lot of different assumptions while(More)
Clusters composed of fast personal computers are now w ell established as cheap and eecient platforms for distributed and parallel applications. The main drawback of a standard NOWs is the poor performance of the standard inter-process communication mechanisms based on RPC, sockets, TCPPIP, Ethernet. Such standard communication mechanisms perform poorly(More)
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