Marte Rønning

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BACKGROUND Survival rates are widely used to compare the quality of cancer care. However, the extent to which cancer survivors regain full physical or cognitive functioning is not captured by this statistic. To address this concern we introduce post-diagnosis employment as a supplemental measure of the quality of cancer care. METHODS This study is based(More)
  • Jon H Fiva, Lars J Kirkebøen, Timo Hener, John Kennes, Shelly Lundberg, Kalle Moene +7 others
  • 2011
This paper documents that a parental leave reform directed towards fathers causally impacts children's cognitive skills. School performance at age 16 improves, but only in families in which the father has higher education than the mother-implying that the effect of paternity leave depends on the care it displaces. Investigating data on parents' labor market(More)
  • Torfinn Harding, D Angrist, Erik Biørn, Ådne Cappelen, Jon Fiva, Monica Hanssen +5 others
  • 2010
To test the learning-by-exporting hypothesis, this paper takes advantage of that higher productivity spillovers should be found from destinations with higher productivity. I do find a positive correlation between productivity of export destinations and total factor productivity of exporting sectors in South Africa. The learning-by-exporting hypothesis is(More)
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