Marta de Souza Albernaz

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The cramoll 1,4 is a well-studied lectin. However, few studies about its biodistribution have been done before. In this study, we radiolabeled the cramol 1,4 with Tc-99m and analyzed the biodistribution. The results showed that the cramol has an abnormal uptake by the bowel with reflections on its clearance mechanism.
In this study was carried on a systematic review of the data was carried out in the topic of monoclonal antibodies in the last 40 years. All the data collected and summarized revealed that this new class of medicine may bring great advance in the field of radiopharmacy, oncology and imaging.
Nanotechnology has been the last frontier in the diagnoses and treatment of many diseases, especially in oncology. The use of nanoparticles of radiopharmaceuticals may represent the future of Nuclear Medicine. In this study we developed, characterized and tested polymeric nanoparticles of FMISO (fluoromisonidazole) in a dynamic study of biodistribution. The(More)
The use of in vivo assay to determine the biodistribution and subsequent inter-comparison with human parameters has been used since the dawn of science. The use of this type of test admits the metabolic equity among animals for inter-comparison. Thus, the use of Wistar rats in particular is quite frequent. Regarding routes of administration, there are three(More)
Drug delivery systems are under intense investigation all around the world, especially in oncology research. Indeed, in some cases, like bone metastasis, nanodrugs may represent the last and best choice for both treatment and imaging of early cancer foci. Nuclear medicine has been using MDP labelled with 99mTc as radiopharmaceuticals for many years;(More)
BACKGROUND The use of nanobiomaterials is increasing each day. Among the immense variety of nanomaterials developed and studied the hydroxyapatite is one of the most ones. OBJECTIVE In this study we developed and tested nano-hydroxyapatite dopped with Ho-166 for bone cancer. RESULTS The results showed that the nano-hydroxyapatite dopped with Ho-166 has(More)
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