Marta de Lasarte

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Digital image capture devices cannot be used directly as instruments for color measurement. The main stages for characterizing a digital image capture device as an instrument for color measurement are the spectral and spatial characterization and the color transformation from the RGB device dependent space to a device independent space such as CIE-XYZ. We(More)
Genotypes, phenotypes and pedigrees of 6 breeds of dairy sheep (including subdivisions of Latxa, Manech, and Basco-Béarnaise) from the Spain and France Western Pyrenees were used to estimate genetic relationships across breeds (together with genotypes from the Lacaune dairy sheep) and to verify by forward cross-validation single-breed or multiple-breed(More)
and Meritxell Vilaseca. " Optimized algorithm for the spatial nonuniformity correction of an imaging system based on a charge-coupled device color camera " , ABSTRACT: This work is a first approximation to obtain an automatic classification system which solve the problem of over-classification at marble industries or other industries that have to do visual(More)